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Lecture series

The production of meaning

The 2015 lecture series, with distinguished international speakers, focuses on the subject of The production of meaning. Luis Camnitzer, Tony Chakar, Ekaterina Degot, Florian Malzacher (in a Lunch Talk) and David Riff ask what, in the field of art, has or assumes meaning, and why. How is meaning produced, and who decides on it? How and by whom is meaning perceived? What is the difference between the production of knowledge and that of meaning? What is the relation between meaning and effect – that is, is there a connection between the production of meaning and specific impacts on society?

Talk series

The production of meaning in Museum and Kunstverein

In this series, the three directors of major Salzburg art institutions each present their concept for their institutions, taking into account the following questions: How is meaning produced through this work and in these institutions? What is the significance of the local context? What are the advantages of the specific environment in Salzburg, and what are the challenges? What current and planned projects are explicitly related to Salzburg? What measures are taken to reach out to the local public? How is a transregional effect achieved? Their discussion partners are directors of comparable institutions in Graz and Munich.

Lecture series of the Salzburger Kunstverein

Open Academy: The Person as Special Effect

Surveying the past fifty years of visual arts, (pop) music, cinema and film, Diedrich Diederichsen illustrates the role of the effects of persons and indexicality in the arts and their consequences for the culture industry in this three-evening lecture series.

Artist's talk