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Kiefer Steinbruch, Fürstenbrunn

The commercially operated Kiefer Steinbruch [Quarry] in Fürstenbrunn is at the foot of the Untersberg, to the south of Salzburg. Classes in the quarry offer students a combination of working and living in natural surroundings. Students and teachers generally live and work together in the former workers' housing, with a large dormitory for the students. Catering is organised communally in the kitchen and dining premises. Dormitory accommodation: € 7.- per night.

Steinbruch Untersberg der Marmor Kiefer GmbH, Fürstenbrunn, 5082 Grödig

Fürstenbrunn is about 10 km south of Salzburg.
Bus no. 21 (approx. 30 min. from Salzburg), then a 15-minute walk

There is a small showroom on the ground floor of the main house.