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Exploring Salzburg – With all the senses

Producing art is one possibility for placing oneself in relation to the world. Sensory perceptions, such as seeing, tasting and hearing, are also ways of accessing our environment, and are closely linked to the fine arts. Starting from these modes of perception, we aim to explore Salzburg with enhanced attentiveness. Beyond the immediate approach, the three walks around selected places in the town will demonstrate that social behaviour patterns which entail seeing, tasting and hearing, such as the food trade, have left traces in the town.

Curated by Anette Freudenberger

31.07.2017 19:00 / With all senses: Seeing
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10.08.2017 18:00 / With all senses: Tasting
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22.08.2017 18:00 / With all senses: Hearing
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