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Exploring Salzburg – Longing for far-off places

It is not only migrants who experience the longing to be somewhere else – whether back home or far away, depending on their perspective. Many recent or longstanding Salzburg residents also know the feeling, which finds expression in various ways. In four tours of exploration, we will visit some of the places in the town that reveal this longing.

The longing for a distant reality can be represented by a monastery garden (hortus conclusus), an Artist in Residence programme in many far-off places, an English garden or a collection of Asian textile art.

These places may be accessible in the real world, or manifest in imagination or belief. Here symbols and
artefacts play a major role.

20.07.2016 17:00 / Longing for far-off places: St. Peter’s Monastery
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25.07.2016 19:30 / Longing for far-off places: Artists in Residence
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15.08.2016 19:30 / Longing for far-off places: Aigner Park
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22.08.2016 18:00 / Longing for far-off places: Aichhorn Textile Art Collection
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