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Executive Committee

Gunda Maria Cancola, chair

Freelance jewellery artist and businesswoman. Participation in 1986 and 1996 Jewellery Design classes at the Summer Academy proved decisive for her future work. Own studio in Salzburg since 1993.


Ingrid Hochhäusl-Scheidbach, deputy chair/treasurer

Studied at the Pädagogische Akademie in Salzburg and has taught English and Art Education since 1973. Study trips to England. Trained in Photography at Salzburg College in 1993; photographic work published in print media since 1996.



Klemens Renoldner, deputy chair

Studied Music and German Language and Literature in Vienna and Salzburg. Dramaturg at theatres in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Lecturer at     several universities. Numerous publications. Director of the Stefan Zweig Centre at Salzburg University since autumn 2008.


Heidi Eckstein-Mayhofer, secretary

Studied Psychology, trained as clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and analyst (C.G. Jung). Further training includes kinesiology and value-oriented personality development/imagination. Own practice in Salzburg since 1994.



Konrad Winter

Freelance artist since 1985, with extended working periods in Cologne, Paris and Frankfurt. Teacher at Salzburg Summer Academy (1990 -2008), lecturer at Mozarteum University (1994 -1999), teaching post at Salzburg Academy for Commercial Design (2000 -2005). Works in public space and many exhibitions internationally, including Seoul/Korea, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Freiburg and Salzburg.

Hildegund Amanshauser

Studied Art History, Classical Archaeology and Philosophy in Salzburg and Vienna. Wide-ranging curatorial work, including Vienna Museum of Modern Art, Secretary General of Vienna Secession (1987 -1992), Director of Salzburg Kunstverein (1992 -2004), Professor of Fine Arts at Münster Academy of Fine Arts (2004 -2009). Director of Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts since 2009.