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Dahlia Maubane

Photographer in Residence 2012

Dahlia Maubane (b 1988) was Photographer in Residence, from 22 July to 4 August, at the 2012 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. She lives in Johannesburg as freelance photographer and graphic designer. Maubane matriculated from the National School of the Arts, and studied multimedia with focus on experimental animation at the University of Johannesburg, and photography at the Market Photo Workshop. In 2011 she worked as a general assistant at the Market Photo Workshop. Maubane is now focusing on building her media and events company, Chest Trap Sports, which focuses on women's football in South Africa.

In Salzburg, Maubane continued her work-in-progress project Resettlement – Passing Housing. It started with a comparative photographic study exploring the living spaces of student tenants in communes around Brixton, Johannesburg. This project explores the diverse ways students assemble personal spaces, considering factors such as persona and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. In Salzburg, Maubane continued to work on these questions. In a comparative photographic study she investigated personal spaces of the students in relation to their working environment and artworks. As Maubane says: "I would imagine an illustrator with an expressive and sketchy style would arrange his or her personal space differently from one who embraces minimalism and Modern Art".

Dahlia Maubane, My Studio, 2012