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Emeka Okereke

Exploring a void
16.07.2018 – 28.07.2018

  • Dilemma of a New Age II, (from the series: Exploring a Void), 2016
    Portrait photo: Ayotola
    Medium/Media: Photography
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Languages: English, French
    What to bring: Laptops, cameras, sound and video materials, relevant books
    Requirements: Basic technical knowledge of photography and video. Good writing skills if applicable
    Maximum number of participants: 15
    Participation fee: € 700,– (€ 540,–)


    This course looks at how we might reconsider mutual relationships in a world encumbered with rapidly growing sentiments toward nationalism and reinforcement of borders, while it continuously fights back the indispensability of an interconnected world.

    I will attempt, as much as possible, to open the horizon beyond the enclosure of European, Western thinking and to draw attention to some of the post-colonial perspectives. The aim of the course will be to encourage students to use photography as a tool of inquiry in the exploration of selfhood at the cross-point between the subjective and the collective. It is expected that the programme would initiate a frame that allows for the intersection of different cultural realities. The two-week course will kick off with the reading of selected texts. This will encourage a thought-frame within which all learning and work will take place. Students should envisage collaborative activities that allow for substantial interaction and intersection of subjectivities. Although this is a photography class, students are encouraged to explore the possibilities of a multi-media approach involving text, video and sound. The programme will culminate in the production of one or more bodies of work which will be the subject of discussion during a wrapping-up portfolio review session.