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Sabrina Steinek / Sabine B. Vogel

Art in the blog
31.07.2017 – 05.08.2017

  • Medium/Media: Blog
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Language: German, English
    What to bring: Laptop, smartphone and/or camera
    Requirements: Internet affinity, interest in writing, basic knowledge of social media
    Maximum number of participants: 20
    Participation fee: € 450.– (€ 370.–)


    A blog is quicker, more independent and authentic than the established print media. But what can and do blogs really do today? Are they diaries, information media, virtual memory for photographs, or a mishmash of reports? How to start a blog, what should be noted? As experts in content & communication we will work out different frameworks for text & image, write experimental reports and discuss them together. In addition to communicating graphic and technical fundamentals, we will deal with a variety of concepts, image rights, marketing, optimisation, social media and SEO.

    At the end of the course, participants will have the skills and competencies to build and run a blog. They will understand the most important rules and basic (technical) tools to be able to position themselves as bloggers.