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Aisha Khalid

Miniature painting – technique and beyond
16.08.2017 – 26.08.2017

  • Silence with Pattern, 2000, gouache on wasli paper, 35,5 x 23 cm
    Portrait photo: Tahir Mahmood
    Medium/Media: Miniature painting and other media
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Language: English
    What to bring: The necessary tools and materials will be specified along with your confirmation of acceptance, and can be purchased at the Academy shop.
    Requirements: Basic understanding of drawing. Participants should be able to work sitting on cushions on the floor.
    Maximum number of participants: 15
    Co-teacher: Heraa Khan
    Participation fee: € 600.– (€ 470.–)


    This 14-day introductory course will focus on the centuries-old traditional technique of miniature painting, from the Indian subcontinent. The course will evolve around preparation of materials, including brush-making, wasli-(paper)making, and processing the paints/pigments in a traditional way. Demonstrations will also be an important part throughout the course, which will include different techniques of making a miniature painting (pencil, Siyyah Qalam, Gad’rang, gilding and bordermaking). During the course, Aisha Khalid will also talk about the revival of contemporary miniature painting in Pakistan.

    The basic objective of this course is to encourage conceptual work in the participants after they have been introduced to certain skills and gained an understanding of the ancient art form of miniature painting. At the end of the course they will translate their previous assignment-based practice into their own personal visual vocabulary.