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Marc Monzó

The lines of nature
31.07.2017 – 19.08.2017

  • Moon, bracelet, 2016, silver
    Medium/Media: Jewellery design
    Location: Künstlerhaus

    Languages: English, Spanish
    What to bring: Basic goldsmith’s tools (pliers, files, drill, saw and blades) if available, drawing materials, laptop, camera
    Requirements: Basic knowledge of jewellery-making techniques
    Maximum number of participants: 12
    Co-teacher: Andrea Durianová
    Participation fee: € 950.– (€ 710.–)


    The medium of jewellery has often been used to represent nature in a beautiful and intimate way. The scale and tools that we use in jewellery invite us to take a precise and analytical attitude to our activity. In the workshop The lines of nature we will try to use our works to synthesise our perception of nature and our relationship with this environment. Nature, in its broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural or the material world. We will analyse what we consider to be natural, and what forms are taken by the phenomena of the physical world.

    Students should develop a set of works that express their individual vision of nature. Particular attention will be paid to fine-tuning certain jewellery-making techniques, which will enable students to convey their message precisely. Individual advice will be given, and ideas exchanged in group discussions.

    The works produced will be exhibited at the end of the course. The aim is to hone and expand students’ individual expressive plastic talent by analysing our relationship with nature through jewellery.