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Lukas Pusch

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17.07.2017 – 05.08.2017

  • The Prophet, 2015, woodcut
    Portrait photo: Ghetto International Hotel, 2006, from the series Vienna Voodoo, Mathare-Slum
    Medium/Media: Medium: Printmaking (etching, woodcut, silkscreen)
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Languages: German, English, Russian
    What to bring: Any tools available, drawing materials and cheerful disposition
    Requirements: None
    Maximum number of participants: 15
    Co-teacher: Michael Wegerer
    Participation fee: € 950,– (€ 710,–)


    In this course we will explore various techniques of classical printmaking, such as etching, woodcut and silkscreen, as well as experimenting with alternative methods. Participants will learn not only new techniques, but also ways of developing their own work. Regular individual discussions and a lively exchange of artistic and practical ideas in the group will help to secure what has been learned.


    Basically, students are completely free to work as they wish. As an aid to understanding proportions while making portraits or drawing figures, a nude model will be available. The aim - besides the pleasure of learning and experiment - is to encourage reflection on your own work, and to find your individual means of expression in a specific printing technique for a particular subject. This will broaden your own artistic scope and horizon long after the course is over.