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Valérie Jouve

Photography as a tool of encounters
17.07.2017 – 29.07.2017

  • Untitled (The Figures with Benyounes Semtati), 1997–2000, c-­print, 170 x 210 cm
    Medium/Media: Photography
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Languages: English, French and little Spanish and Italian
    What to bring: Laptop, digital camera or with silver films, 4.5 inch camera, large-format camera – but there will be one for use on site
    Requirements: Basic technical knowledge of photography
    Maximum number of participants: 15
    Co-teacher: Nina Theresa Kerschbaumer
    Participation fee: € 700.– (€ 540.–)


    My course will concentrate on the image as a structure for bringing together the elements contained. It may be a person in a particular context, a place, a tree as a singular figure, or a landscape representing a historical development.

    To begin with, we will practise using the 4.5 inch camera as a tool for examining perspective space, and explore ways of circumventing the rules. How can we use photography for invention rather than for reproduction? The camera simply shows what is there; so how can we take a picture using intuition and heart, rather than the eye?

    Participants may bring their own projects, and work individually or in groups. We will look at each project and try to take a more abstract approach. No precise subject will be given, to avoid images becoming too literal. An image can be more powerful when the subject is not the primary challenge. For instance, we can step back and compose the idea of an image by writing, drawing or walking before taking the photograph.

    We will also take photographs in the town, as well as black-and-white studio portraits (indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather) with the 4.5 inch camera. In conclusion, we will combine the various pictures into a montage, as a kind of dialogue between the public and urban space.