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DISTRUKTUR / Melissa Dullius + Gustavo Jahn

Film as a sensitive body
14.08.2017 – 26.08.2017

  • Postcards 2, 2008, 16mm frames, © Distruktur
    Portrait photos: Distruktur 2016, © Distruktur
    Medium/Media: 16mm film
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
    What to bring: If available: 16mm camera, light meter, tripod. 16mm cameras with accessories are available for use on site; film material and developing chemicals are available at cost price.
    Requirements: Willingness to work in groups
    Maximum number of participants: 15
    Co-teacher: Viktoria Schmid
    Participation fee: € 700.– (€ 540.–)



    Film as a sensitive body proposes that 16mm film material has properties, that react not only to light exposure but also to contact with other bodies and substances. Taking part in Film as a sensitive body, participants will be introduced to analogue film-making in an autonomous way, where they assume control over every aspect of moving image creation. Handling and touching the film strips is necessary in every production phase of a hand-made film. This physical contact allows a dialogue between the maker and the material that can be individually developed. By posing, performing or acting, the participants will also be able to explore possibilities for self-representation.

    During the course the participants will capture images using 16mm cameras and different kinds of colour film. They will process film in the dark-room, experimenting with photochemical techniques, cut, splice, and project the results. Every step will be investigated in order to discover the aesthetic possibilities offered, valorising intuitive approaches and stimulating knowledge exchange. The group will carry out individual tests and experiments, planning and creating together, the ultimate aim being to generate a film of collective authorship.