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Kimberly Bradley

Images into words: writing about art
14.08.2017 – 23.08.2017

  • Writing about art – work in progress
    Medium/Media: text
    Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

    Languages: English (primary) and German
    What to bring: Laptop (or pen and paper, but laptop/tablet preferred); your ideas, thoughts and questions on art writing in all its forms;works in progress
    Requirements: Enthusiasm for writing, curiosity
    Maximum number of participants: 18
    Co-teacher: Andrea Kopranovic
    Participation fee: € 600,– (€ 470,–)


    Are you a curator whose work requires you to write both snappy press releases and theoretical catalogue essays? An emerging or even established art critic? Are you an artist who works with text, an art blogger, or someone who simply enjoys translating visual experiences into words? Writing about visual art is never easy, no matter what its purpose might be. To paraphrase a well-known saying, writing about art can feel like dancing about architecture. This workshop provides an array of tools to help artwriters in all areas to find not only their individual voices, but also focus and flow.

    We will consider different forms of art writing, along with their histories and idiosyncracies. We’ll practice skills such as focused research, close viewing, interviewing, and the all-important steps of self-revision and editing. We’ll learn how to approach the blank page or screen unafraid, and discover our own writing processes. Through discussions, group sessions, exercises, and individual consultations and assessments, participants will learn how to “throw the clay” (write first drafts) and then shape those raw words into polished texts they can consistently feel good about.

    In her class a magazine hast been developed. You can download it here (6,2 MB).