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2017 course programme

The complete programme 2017 will be available online end of December 2016.


Following artists have confirmed their teaching already. More detailed information on all the courses and timetables will be available by end of December too.


Teachers 2017 will be: Michael Beutler, sculpture and installation, Kimberly Bradley, writing, Diana Campbell Betancourt, curating, Tony Chakar, mixed media, Distruktur (Melissa Dullius/Gustavo Jahn), analogue film, Melissa Gordon, painting etc., Valérie Jouve, photography, Aisha Khalid, miniature painting and contemporary art, Andreas Lolis, stone sculpture, Bernhard Martin, painting etc., Till Megerle, Zeichnung, Sabrina Möller/Sabine B. Vogel, blogging, Marc Monzó, jewellery design, Ruth Noack, curating, Paulina Olowska, painting etc., Lukas Pusch, printing, Tex Rubinowitz, painting, drawing, text, Mark van Yetter, painting and drawing, et. al..