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2014 course programme

How does the world come into the picture?*

This is the motto of the Summer Academy's widely varied programme. Along with philosophy, art is one of the very few fields today that reflect on the world we live in, and upon social questions apart from economic interests, efficiency and profit maximisation. The programme deals with the particular ability of the fine arts to generate "images" of the increasingly impenetrable world, both of its superficial outward appearance and of social and political conditions. Artists sometimes use these images to tell stories – analytical, utopian, documentary, appealing or ugly.

The programme approaches topical questions of contemporary art, curating and writing about art. The course subjects, the techniques taught and the teaching methods are widely diverse, but the link between them is the quest for contemporaneity, examining current aesthetic, political, social – and thus artistic – questions, and for new forms of expression.

* The title of Amelie von Wulffen’s course