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2015 course programme

The production of meaning

In our society, characterised as it is by financial capitalism, money and capital play a pivotal role. Thus in the art world, too, galleries, auctions and wealthy collectors from many countries are important protagonists; the art market as having great economic significance, is the focus of much attention. Today, looking at society as a whole, it sometimes seems as though money were the principal criterion for measuring the success of the individual, of a company, an institution or a country. To counteract this, it is particularly important to raise the question of the purpose of our (individual or social) actions. So the production of meaning – taken from the title of Jayce Salloum's course – is the motto of our 2015 programme. We ask what makes sense, and how meaning is produced with artistic (critical and curatorial) resources. Many artists are working on this and related themes in very different ways, attempting – to put it simplistically – to understand and represent the world we live in, producing a multiplicity of meanings and opening the way for different interpretations.