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Artists/Bloggers in Residence

From 2010 to 2012, each year a writer and a photographer were accompanying the Summer Academy. Their subjective view of activities in the classes and at the public events has appeared in a text and a series of photographs.

Since 2013, Summer Academy has a Blogger in Residence. They were chosen from a short list of applicants after an open call. The blogger updated the previous years' concept of Writer/Photographer in Residence, with a personal take on the atmosphere and events at the Academy.

The photographers were selected in concurrence with Christine Frisinghelli, Reinhard Braun (Camera Austria Graz), Hildegund Amanshauser, and the Market Photo Workshop Johannesburg. Started by world-renowned photographer David Goldblatt in 1989, the Market Photo Workshop is a school of photography, a resource centre for practising photographers, and a photographic gallery. At the outset, the aim was to provide visual literacy and practical training to aspiring photographers who were excluded from formal training in tertiary education institutions by the racially discriminatory policies of the apartheid government.